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Free Wifi for My Community?

Find out how your community can receive free secure wifi equipment for the economically disadvantaged

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Building Community Wifi

Free World Wifi is a global network of free secure wifi hotspot communities

Wifi is fundamental to your success

“The availability of WiFi is no longer an innovation limited to the large retail chains — small businesses are now offering the same services in their establishments, for both employees and customers. In the near future, small businesses will consider WiFi as fundamental to their success as electricity or running water.” – Iain Gillott, President iGR

Why Free World Wifi is better than social wifi

Free World Wifi requires no email address or social media profile to use our Host-sponsored Free Secure Wifi Hotspot. No collection of personally identifiable information means a positive Free Wifi experience!

Free World Wifi promotes all of our Hosts and Advertisers at every Free Secure Wifi Hotspot in the Community Network – delivering geo-targeted local offers and information to Free World Wifi Users who are LOCAL shoppers.

Free World Wifi propels commerce with Free Secure Wifi Hotspot Community Networks.  Make YOUR business the anchor for our Community Network no matter how big or small you are!

94% of travelers stay connected on the road

94 percent-no

89% of public wifi hotspots are INSECURE

89 percent-no

83% of travelers require SECURE public wifi

83 percent-no

69% use smartphones or tablets

69 percent-no

Our Hotspots are Secure

Our free wifi hotspots are secure and easy to use – ensuring our users’ information is protected and our hotspot hosts provide fast, secure connectivity to their customers!

Mobile Optimized Ads

Our banner ad sizing has been carefully selected for optimal use on mobile devices; where the majority of our users come from. Don’t delay, try it now!

Your Message is Current

With online advertising, you keep your ad updated delivering information about your products and services, special offers, or affinity programs!

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