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94% of travelers stay connected on the road

94 percent-no

89% of public wifi hotspots are INSECURE

89 percent-no

83% of travelers require SECURE public wifi

83 percent-no

69% use smartphones or tablets

69 percent-no

Using Free World Wifi is Secure and Easy!

A WIFI user finds our SECURE wifi hotspot at a Host Location

After selecting FREE WORLD WIFI, the user sees our login page

Without requiring a password, the user clicks ‘Login’

The user views offers from our Hosts and Advertisers

Clicking a banner or icon activates Free World Wifi 

NO personal data collection or annoying pop ups

Our Hotspots are Secure

Our free wifi hotspots are secure and easy to use – ensuring our users’ information is protected and our hotspot hosts provide fast, secure connectivity to their customers!

Mobile Optimized Ads

Our banner ad sizing has been carefully selected for optimal use on mobile devices; where the majority of our users come from. Don’t delay, try it now!

Your Message is Current

With online advertising, you keep your ad updated delivering information about your products and services, special offers, or affinity programs!