More than 80 percent of travelers are looking for a secure internet connection away from home. Your business has internet installed already – draw in new customers and lengthen the selling opportunity by capturing your audience with a wifi hotspot!

Why choose Free World Wifi instead of a residential wireless router from the electronics store?

 Security: We use commercial grade wireless routers. These routers are installed with encryption software features that limit how a user can access the Internet, preventing them from spying or being spied on by other users on the network. This also means they can’t access your Point of Sale (POS), credit card terminal or other devices for your business such as security cameras.

Data and Time Limits:

Data: We limit the amount of data a user can download and upload while connected. This means that one person can’t use up all of your bandwidth.

Time: We set the length of time a user can stay connected to the network. This helps prevent people from turning your business into a mobile office.

No Password: There is no password required to log in. Stop wasting your staff time passing out the wifi password to every customer.

Advertising: As a Free World Wifi hotspot host, you receive a network wide banner ad at every Free World Wifi hotspot in your area.

Management: Free World Wifi manages the equipment for you, a no hassle solution for you, allowing you to focus on your business.

Security: Free World Wifi routers are more secure than the standard router. View our security FAQ to learn more.

All of this together means you have happier customers, you saved both time and money, and you now belong to one of the fastest growing global Wi-Fi networks in the world.

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