Become a Free World Wifi Hotspot location Today!

  • Single Low Price  SALE $249 USD – NO monthly fees – Save up to $150/month over the competition!
  • Secure Wireless Network – Isolate your guest users from POS and CC devices – PCI DSS compliant security built-in!
  • Block Malicious Users – Our software facilitates blocking users who violate ISP use restrictions!
  • Prevent internet Squatters – System manages user traffic by setting time and bandwidth use limits!
  • Increase Employee Productivity – No more interruptions in work to provide passwords to users!
  • Increase Speed and Performance – Inactive user MAC addresses purged every 24 hours prevents system slowdown or shutdown!
  • No Expensive Internet Contracts – You choose your own ISP – speed, cost, and term is your decision not ours!
  • Two-Year Warranty* on Equipment – Extended Replacement Contract Available**

More than 1 Location? Hotel or other Guest Services Venue? Click Here for our Enterprise Packages

Become a Hotspot – Single Location


Wifi Hotspot Host Package – Includes Free Ad plus 2 Year Warranty* on Equipment

1 Year Replacement Contract


One-year Replacement Contract** – Extends Warranty on Equipment for 12 months

2 Year Replacement Contract


Two-year Replacement Contract** – Extends Warranty on Equipment for 24 months

Host FAQ

All banner ads must be 320×100 pixels (mobile banner size)

 Design: We have some very simple stock banner ads available for your use. But we always recommend professionally designed banner advertisements that have a clear “call to action” message (discounts, specials, affinity programs, etc). The key to a successful internet advertising campaign is engagement with your customer – ask them for their business in your ad. Make your ad stand out!

 Size: The banner size for both hosts and advertisers is 320×100 pixels in a .jpg, .gif (animated or non-animated), or .png file format.

 Link: Your advertisement can link anywhere you’d like it to go. Most businesses prefer their banners to link directly to their website, but some prefer linking to social media, a listing on a business directory website (especially if a business does not have its own website).

 Perks: There are many advantages to advertising on Free World Wifi, such as:

Advertising Package banners receive 3 times as many impressions as the Host Package (purchase both to maximize your benefits).

Run one or more banner ads at the same time.

Add, change or update banner ads as often as you need or want.

Run banner ads only on certain days (optional).

Review banner statistics to understand which ads are performing best.

Link banner ads to your website, social media, app download, click-to-call or any other URL.


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Free World Wifi charges a single one-time payment for the Host Package service. No monthly fees equals an average cost savings of $25.00 USD per month.

Choose the country you are from by clicking on the text under your country’s flag.

Click on the “Add to Cart” button to place the product in your cart. If you would like to buy additional advertising you can navigate to the Advertise Page, and your Host Package will remain in your cart. Click “Checkout with PayPal”.

To finalize your purchase, after you click “Checkout with PayPal”, you will be brought to the PayPal website where you will pay for the product. After paying you will be redirected back to Free World Wifi. Here you will enter all of your business and banner information, as well as upload your banner ads.

If you need any additional help or want to talk to a sales representative before purchasing, visit our Contact Us page.

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Security is a major concern for business owners when offering free Internet access to customers. One of the biggest questions our clients ask before installing Free World Wifi is how will the service affect their Internet protection/security.


Free World Wifi’s routers are actually more secure than your standard router. Our routers have built in encyrption and security acting as a firewall.

The graph below shows you how our routers work.

Free World Wifi Security


The user connects their device to Free World Wifi. Free World Wifi routes the user directly to the Internet, acting as a firewall, preventing them from accessing any of your personal/business information including credit card machines, Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, and any other important or sensitive information and devices.


PCI DDS Compliant

Our wireless routers are PCI DSS compliant. Our products meet the data security requirements set forth by the Federal Security Standards Council. This means that if you process payments through a credit card terminal and/or use a Point-Of-Sale (POS) system, you will not fall out of PCI compliance for providing free wifi to your customers.

PCI Compliant



Because of the software on our devices, Free World Wifi routers are more secure than a standard router/modem. This security protects you and your business from hackers. Allowing users to access your standard business router leaves you vulnerable to hacking and data theft. As soon as you reveal the password to your wireless router, you are no longer protected from hacking and data theft. Think of it as having a home security system and giving burglars the password to your alarm.



Free World Wifi never collects your personal information. The only information we receive from our users is based on the information you allow Google to collect from you. The only information we have access to is provided to us by Google Analytics.

Our routers log a device’s MAC address for up to 24 hours after you disconnect from the network.

Never give out your personal information to unknown websites or emails.



Free World Wifi does not have any built in malware, tracking viruses, or other programs designed to harm users or businesses. We always recommend using anti-virus software and use caution when visiting unknown websites. Never give out any personal information to websites that you are unfamiliar with.


Illegal Content

ISPs block known illegal content. If you are contacted by your ISP regarding illegal content downloads on your IP address, ask your ISP for the MAC address of the device(s) that are responsible for the illegal downloads. This is a direct violation of our Terms of Service. Free World Wifi can block those MAC Addresses from using all our networks, and thus keeping your business safe and secure.

We recommend that you purge your router of all MAC addresses and change your password after installation of the Free World Wifi equipment. Users who have used your wi-fi in the past will still be able to log into your router as long as the password remains the same.  Free World Wifi is not able to block MAC addresses that access equipment that is not Free World Wifi supplied.

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You must have an existing Internet connection to become a Free World Wifi hotspot

You will still pay for your own Internet connection. This is in your best interest because we do not control your Internet connection, you do.

Your business should not notice any changes in Internet speed or connection because we set data and time limits:

One megabyte download speed

half a megabyte of upload speed

One hour of Wi-Fi usage

Twenty-fifty maximum users at a single time.


Example of Internet data usage by Free World Wifi users:

Free World Wifi Data Usage Chart

Across: 12 hour time period

Rows: Different wifi users

Number: the number on the left is the total amount of data used in the 12 hour period.

Blue spikes: Downloaded data

Red spikes: Uploaded data

As you can see, most people are using less than the 1-megabyte maximum and they are spending less than one hour logged into the wifi hotspot.

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By establishing appropriate time and data usage (bandwidth) limits on our network, we can help you manage the flow of guests at your business. A user is disconnected after 1 hour of usage. Users are also limited to one megabyte of download speed and half a megabyte of upload speed. The chart below depicts that even though some Wi-Fi users may spend more time in your business, they are also likely to spend more money in your business. Benefits of Offering Free Wifi

As you can see from the graph below. Most people use the Wifi for less than one hour. And they use less than 1 megabyte of data at a time. The chart is a 12 hour period. The different lines are the different users. The number on the left is the total amount of data used. Blue spikes are downloads and red spikes are uploads. You can clearly see that there is not Internet squatting.

Free World Wifi Data Usage Chart

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A WIFI user finds our SECURE wifi hotspot at your Host Location.

After selecting the SSID “FREE WORLD WIFI”, the user sees our login page.

Without requiring a password, the user clicks ‘Login’.

The user views four banner ads from our hosts and advertisers on a single screen.

Clicking a banner advertisement or information icon activates Free World Wifi.

From here the user is now free to browse the Internet.


Installation of Free World Wifi takes only a few minutes. You can even do it yourself!

Plug the Ethernet cable into your modem/router and into the Free World Wifi router.

Plug the power supply into a power strip, or wall plug.


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Hosts: An agreement/contract is required. This includes use of the equipment at your location for as long as you want to keep the device, and advertising on the network for as long as you maintain the device. The amount is prepaid and covers the cost of: the wireless router equipment, your business’s banner advertisement, and signage.

Advertisers: A one year agreement/contract is required. The service includes one year banner ad placement on the network(s) of your choice and is renewable each year. You may update, change or remove your banner advertisements during the contract period, you may also choose to run more than one banner at a time. Changes to your creatives are included at no added cost.

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Installation of Free World Wifi equipment is simple and easy. You can install the equipment yourself, or if we have an agent located in your area they can install the equipment for you. In very rare instances conflicts between Free World Wifi equipment and your router may occur. Your internet service provider should be able to help overcome this conflict and we will help with that process.

We strongly recommend purging the router and changing your password after installing Free World Wifi. This is for your security and for better advertising results because people will now be logging into Free World Wifi!

We will provide you with the required router and software on the router to display your advertising. Free World Wifi routers are “Plug-and-Play” ready. This means that all you have to do is plug the device into your existing modem or router for it to work.

We recommend that you install the router in an open area nearest to the center of the space in which you wish to provide a strong wi-fi signal.

Free World Wifi uses “Mesh-Routers”. This means that if two businesses in the same area both offer Free World Wifi, the routers will talk to each other and share the data loads. This means Free World Wifi has less impact on your Internet connection.

The other advantage of “Mesh-Routers” is that if one of the neighboring businesses loses Internet for any reason, the other business can keep both Free World Wifi routers operating. This is exceptionally helpful for customer satisfaction!

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Internet Service: You must already have Internet installed by a local internet service provider at your business.


Wireless Router: Free World Wifi plugs a small secure wireless router into your modem or router. Installation usually takes just a few minutes. You keep all your existing equipment in place. That allows you to use your existing service but gives your guests access to a secure connection that doesn’t open your network to security issues.

We strongly recommend changing the password on your wireless router to prevent customers from still having access to your network, leaving you vulnerable.


Agreement: We sign a short Agreement identifying the equipment that will be placed at your location, and the terms of the placement, including your free banner ad for the lifetime of the equipment.


– That’s it, it’s that simple!

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Hosts: We don’t provide user usage statistics for each host locations, but you will be given the ability to log into our ad server system to view reports on how your banner ads are performing, including total number of impressions, banner clicks and your click through rate (CTR).

Advertisers: You will be given the ability to log into our ad server system to view reports on how your banner ads are performing, including total number of impressions, banner clicks and your click through rate (CTR).

Analytics: If you use any analytic tools such as Google Analytics to track your website traffic you should see incoming links from Free World Wifi campaigns set up for each of your banner advertisements.

Statistics: Free World Wifi uses Google Double Click for Publisher to help track your banner statistics. Using your same login as Google Analytics, you can track exactly how well your banner ads are performing.

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As a host location, we collect your email address to inform you if the Free World Wifi router is not responding to our servers. We may also send you hints and tips to improving your marketing strategy on Free World Wifi (You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time).


We do not collect any of your personally identifiable information. Because we don’t have your information; we can’t spam you. We want you to have a simple, enjoyable experience, not be forced to log in with social media, your email address or other trackable information.

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More than 80 percent of travelers are looking for a secure internet connection away from home. Your business has internet installed already – draw in new customers and lengthen the selling opportunity by capturing your audience with a wifi hotspot!

Why choose Free World Wifi instead of a residential wireless router from the electronics store?

 Security: We use commercial grade wireless routers. These routers are installed with encryption software features that limit how a user can access the Internet, preventing them from spying or being spied on by other users on the network. This also means they can’t access your Point of Sale (POS), credit card terminal or other devices for your business such as security cameras.

Data and Time Limits:

Data: We limit the amount of data a user can download and upload while connected. This means that one person can’t use up all of your bandwidth.

Time: We set the length of time a user can stay connected to the network. This helps prevent people from turning your business into a mobile office.

No Password: There is no password required to log in. Stop wasting your staff time passing out the wifi password to every customer.

Advertising: As a Free World Wifi hotspot host, you receive a network wide banner ad at every Free World Wifi hotspot in your area.

Management: Free World Wifi manages the equipment for you, a no hassle solution for you, allowing you to focus on your business.

Security: Free World Wifi routers are more secure than the standard router. View our security FAQ to learn more.

All of this together means you have happier customers, you saved both time and money, and you now belong to one of the fastest growing global Wi-Fi networks in the world.

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*Standard Warranty: Equipment is guaranteed to perform under normal operating conditions for two years from installation date. Normal wear and tear is covered. Host is responsible for keeping equipment well-ventilated, clean and secure to ensure proper operation. Contact us for more details.
**Replacement Contract extends the Standard Warranty by the specified contract term. Equipment is guaranteed to perform under normal operating conditions. Normal wear and tear is covered. Host is responsible for keeping equipment well-ventilated, clean and secure to ensure proper operation. Contact us for more details.
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